Randy Jurado Ertll, advocate for environmental justice issues in low income and middle class communities, and a group of over ten community leaders and activists from various parts of California, decided to establish the California Latino Environmental Advocacy Network (CLEAN) to advocate for the protection of the environment-including clean air, clean water, protecting natural resources, and protecting communities from toxics and chemicals. Please visit web-site to obtain a complete list of the founding board members.

CLEAN was started to serve as a vehicle and voice to neglected and low income Latino community members. Thus far they have asked the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to conduct more thorough investigations of companies that pollute poor communities and are also using technology to make the case that it is low income, minority communities that are most harmed by air and water contamination.

CLEAN is the first Latino-established and led statewide environmental protection community based organization in California. Their dream is to build alliances and coalitions with other environmental groups to protect the environment, as a unified voice – with the gradual building of grassroots support. One step a time, CLEAN will continue to advocate for Latinos to be included in the local, state, and national environmental issues decision making process. CLEAN has already begun to advocate for mainstream environmental groups to diversity in their hiring practices.

Funding from the Pollination Project will be used for expenses such as marketing and website costs, supplies, travel costs and postage.

To learn more about California Latino Environmental Advocacy Network–CLEAN, visit their website.

SMALL GRANT AWARD DATE: January 14, 2015